Allen Iverson
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Allen Iverson

Making Jordan look silly (.avi)

Alley-oop to Joe Smith(.avi) (.mov)

Another Iverson alley-oop(.avi) (.mov)

Over the shoulder assist for the dunk (.avi) (.mov)

Kidd talks about Iverson's skill with highlights (.avi) (.mov)

Can you say and 1?(.avi)

Loses a Penny but gets 2 and 1(.avi)

Reverse layup (.avi)

Rebound dunk(.avi) (.mov)

Beats Reggie Miller and gets the layup (.avi) (.mov)

Chases down the save (.avi) (.mov)

Gets the steal and a layup plus the foul(.avi) (.mov)

Freezes Terry Porter and gets the bucket (.avi) (.mov)

Loses Tim Hardaway and hits the three(.avi) (.mov)

1st commercial crossover(.avi)

2nd commercial spin(.mov)

Mission '99